Your ski concierge

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It can be quite confusing knowing exactly where you are and

where everything else is when you first arrive in a new resort.

The first thing to say is that everything you need is right on

your doorstep in Les Villages du Bachat, also known as

Chamrousse 1700. Ski hire, ski school and ski lifts are only

a snowball's throw from your apartment and four restaurants

and the supermarket are all a short walk away.

You could quite easily stay in Chamrousse 1700 for the whole

week but it's well-worth exploring further whether it's on skis,

on foot or on the FREE shuttle bus.

As well as Chamrousse 1700, the other two areas in the

resort are Chamrousse 1750 and Chamrousse 1650. Make sure that you visit both during your holiday and make use of the FREE shuttle bus because it's a lot easier than you might imagine. Some previous Allez Ski clients only used the bus towards the end of their week and they wished they used it more.

During the day the 'Navette Shuttle 2' links the bus stop right outside the apartments with the bus stop at Chamrousse 1750, right by the Centre Commercial. This is where you'll find the nearest cash point, the nearest pharmacy, the medical centre and shops and restaurants.

During the day, if you want to get to Chamrousse 1650, you'll need to take the 'Navette Shuttle 2' to Chamrousse 1750 and from there you'll be be able to catch the 'Navette Shuttle 1' to Chamrousse 1650. This is where you will find the gondola to the summit, ice rink, luge park as well as shops and restaurants..

During the night, to borrow a line from a Spice Girls song, 'two become one' when the two loops that meet in the middle become one figure of eight shape and it's just one bus service linking the whole resort.