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100% customer satisfaction four times in a row

Our 2022 clients gave Allez Ski another BIG THUMBS UP... just like they did in 2018, 2019 and 2020. We know, from the referrals we get, that the Channel Islands' grapevine is spreading positive feedback on our holidays... and, after Covid forced the cancellation of our 2021 holidays, we are yet again buoyed by the results of our latest end of season customer satisfaction survey.

In our most recent online survey, we asked clients how satisfied they were overall with their Allez Ski holiday to Chamrousse. A staggering 89.7% of those that responded told us they were VERY SATISFIED and all of the remaining 10.3% told us they were SATISFIED.

If any more proof was needed that our clients were impressed, 100% told us they were very likely (92.9%) or likely (remaining 7.1%) to recommend Allez Ski to others and 100% told us they were very likely (85.7%) or likely (remaining 14.3%) to recommend Chamrousse to others.

100% customer satisfaction? We know we cannot improve on 100% but we will try!


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